Jithesh G

Meet Our Pricing Executive: Shipping and Air Freight
Jitesh serves as our Manager of Operations for Shipping and Air Freight, bringing over 10 years of expertise in logistics and transportation. Jitesh is dedicated to ensuring the efficient and timely movement of goods across global markets.
Professional Background
Jitesh holds a [degree] in commerce from Bangalore University, with a robust career managing complex shipping and air freight operations. Prior roles at leading logistics firms have honed Jitesh ’s skills in strategic planning and execution.
Shipping Logistics: Expertise in coordinating maritime shipments, optimizing routes, and managing port operations. Air Freight Management: Proficient in overseeing air freight logistics, including charter services and cargo handling. Regulatory Compliance: In-depth knowledge of international shipping regulations and customs requirements.
Spearheaded a project that reduced shipping times by 40% and cut costs by 50 % through route optimization. Implemented a new air freight tracking system, enhancing shipment visibility and customer satisfaction. Negotiated key contracts with shipping lines and air carriers, improving service reliability and cost-efficiency.
Jitesh is committed to driving operational excellence and innovation in shipping and air freight. By leveraging advanced technologies and strategic partnerships, Jitesh ensures our logistics operations are efficient, compliant, and customer-focused.
We are proud to have Jitesh lead our shipping and air freight operations, contributing to our company’s growth and success.
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