Pillars of the Company

Our pillars of Reliability, Efficiency, Customer-Centricity, Innovation, Sustainability, and Safety form the foundation of our logistics company. These core values drive our commitment to excellence and guide every aspect of our operations.

By upholding these principles, we ensure that we consistently deliver superior service, adapt to the evolving needs of our clients, and contribute positively to the environment and society. Our dedication to these pillars empowers us to build lasting partnerships and maintain our position as a trusted leader in the logistics industry.

Mr. Ambresh Kautal

Founder & CEO
Leading with Vision and Expertise

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Mr. Arjun Kautal

Director of Pricing
Respected professional in the field of pricing strategy

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Mr. Jitendra Kumar

Operations Manager
Specializing in customs clearance and transportation

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Mr. Saurav Rathi

Director of Foreign Trade
Expertise in Global Trade and Customs

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Mr. Jithesh G

Pricing Executive
Shipping and Air Freight

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